How many councillors are on the parish council?

This is not a trick question. The answer is 10.

How many could there be? There could be up to 13.
This is why the council is trying to co-opt more members to get involved in the work of the council. If you are interested in helping make decisions about the parish contact Andy Parris, the clerk to the council.(email or phone 01379 586745)

At the moment the council is working on

  • tackling the problems with speeding in the parish
  • improving the children’s play area
  • working with Suffolk County Council and Anglia Water to improve drainage in the village
  • improving the roadway from Laxfield Road to the playing field

Other projects include a parish emergency plan and planting a row of trees to celebrate the way the parishioners helped each other during the pandemic.

The district council is carrying out a review of all local councils and how they are organised.

It is called a community governance review. It will look at

  • Creating, merging, altering or abolishing parishes
  • The naming of Parishes and the style of new parishes
  • The electoral arrangements for parishes (the ordinary year of election; council size; the number of councillors to be elected to the council, and parish warding)
  • Grouping new or existing parishes under a common parish council or de-grouping existing parish

Full details can be found by looking at this page.